Dear Del Mar Voters,

First, I want to congratulate the three new Council members for winning the three seats available for Del Mar City Council.

It has been my honor to meet and speak with so many of you. You are the reason Del Mar can be the BEST southern California Coastal city. This is the image that I tried to share with you and will continue to support. While it is time for me to step back as the new Council forges ahead with solutions to our numerous problems, I look forward to seeing these solutions implemented post haste. Too many of the problems have lingered and it is time to level up and meet the challenge. I offer the new Council my best wishes for their success.

I hope everyone will come together and share how we can imagine a BEST Del Mar. We can build on the success of Streetscape and the new Civic Center, keep our housing for families rather than party houses, follow the law and welcome new housing into our community. These are all "possibilities." We can also imagine more families and children in our city, finalize Shores Park, and re-energize the downtown village by working with businesses and reduce the financial burdens on them to respond to city regulations or economic conditions outside their control.

The issues facing our city will affect our lifestyle for many years to come. We all need to stay involved in the process of governing our city. All the issues facing our community are solvable, it just takes the resolve and willpower to make some tough but needed decisions.

Today, let’s join together to enjoy this song. I think it says it better than I ever can. Let’s think about possibilities and imagine.

I hope everyone of you will continue to imagine the great possibilities for Del Mar well into the future.